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Weleschuk Associates Ltd. are trained and experienced professionals that provide a wide array of valuation services. These valuations can be full appraisal report, letter of opinion of value or consulting services related to issues affecting value. 

Appraisals are documents that meet specific appraisal standards and provide an estimate of value for a specific property or asset, as of a defined effective date and condition. These are the most common types of appraisals and reflect the market value of that property or asset, based on current sales data. These are the types of appraisals done to support financing, property transfers, and other purposes that require a current market value.

There are other types of appraisals that may also be required. We have the ability to value a property as of an historic date (date prior to current), as this may be needed for some purposes (i.e. estates valuations, matrimonial property, etc.). For capital gains tax purposes, a Valuation Day (January 1, 1971) appraisal may be required. We have a data base of sales that allows us to complete such appraisal assignments.

We can also value a property based on assumptions provided by our client. These are hypothetical appraisals, as they are based on conditions or circumstances that do not currently exist. An example may be the valuation of a small parcel that has not yet been formally subdivided, or the valuation of a proposed development project (i.e. country residential development) that is being contemplated.

Clients may not need a full appraisal report. In these situations, we can provide an opinion of value letter. This letter report provides a minimal amount of detail, but provides the basis of the analysis and a conclusion of value that typically is a range of value.

Clients may not need an appraised value but rather information regarding development options, suitability of land for certain future uses, studies to determine the time it may take to sell out a project (absorption time), etc. We provide all types of consulting services and economic studies, including prospective analysis.

Expropriation and Surface Rights Valuations are appraisals done under the Expropriation Act and Surface Rights Act respectively. These Acts set out specific criteria regarding what may be valued and how the valuation should be done (based on previous court decisions). We are experienced in providing such appraisals and have been accepted as expert witness to provide valuation evidence before the Surface Rights Board, Land Compensation Board, and the courts.

Litigation support valuations
are appraisals or valuation reports done to support various types of civil actions for disputes related to matrimonial property, estates, partnerships, etc. Reports prepared for potential use as evidence in court must include specific information, as required by court directives. We are experienced in preparing and presenting such evidence.

Personal Injury
valuations are an estimate of damages, primarily loss of income, related to an injury experienced by a person, that results in that person being fully or partially unable to continue to live and work as prior to the injury. We are experienced in doing such valuations, especially for farm operators or small business owners. We were a witness in the often cited case of Madge v Meyer (1999 A.J. No 1566).

Damages to agricultural or commercial properties or assets can occur in a variety of ways, including fire, flood, malicious acts or accidents. We have experience in such valuations, working for various insurance brokers and insured parties.

Personal assets are anything of value that is not attached to the land. These typically included machinery, equipment, livestock, grain and hay inventories, etc. As Professional Agrologists, we are able to value such assets. We are also able to value assets of shares in farming operations and agricultural processing facilities because we understand the current technology, pricing trends and opportunities and risks associated with various agricultural endeavors.

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Rural and Commercial Appraisal Specialists:

  • Estates
  • V-Day
  • Expropriation
  • Surface Rights
  • Litigation
  • Damages
  • Financing

No client or job is too small or too large. A considerable part of our work is related to litigation-type assignments.

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