Alternative Dispute Resolution in Calgary & throughout Canada

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is becoming increasingly common in resolving various types of family and commercial disputes. ADR can include facilitated negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. In negotiations and mediations, the facilitator assists the parties to identify the issues and options, to help the parties come to a mutually agreed to resolution. In arbitration, the private arbitrator hears both parties and makes a binding decision that has legal status under the Arbitration Act of Alberta. ADR is typically much less expensive and much faster than using the court system. 

Ivan Weleschuk is a Chartered Arbitrator with considerable experience in presiding over hearings. As a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutes of Alberta and Canada, he adheres to the national arbitration standards of these organizations and is familiar with the Alberta Arbitration Act and its requirements.

With a background in valuation and agriculture, Ivan Weleschuk is uniquely able to understand issues related to agricultural and commercial disputes. He has been involved in a number of mediations and arbitrations related to farm estate matters and damages to agricultural assets.

ADR is useful in situations where the parties will continue to have a relationship, be it family or business. ADR often is less adversarial than the court system. And because you can get resolution faster than through the courts, allows all parties to “get on with their lives or business”. Contact Weleschuk Associates Ltd. to schedule a consultation for ADR services.

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